Connecting nonprofits and millennial creatives for advertising for the good

creative: for good is a Chicago-based social venture whose aim is to provide nonprofit organizations with word-class advertising materials and creatives with an opportunity to make a difference through their work.

creative: for good was developed as part of the JCC Chicago’s Seed613 Social Entrepreneurship Program.

Intrinsic passion for a cause if what inspires millennials to engage in nonprofit work. On average, 80% of them volunteer for a cause they are passionate about. At the same time, millennials value community and creativity, and appreciate visual sophistication.

On the flip side, nonprofits tend to lack the creative abilities to design the collateral and other advertising materials needed to raise awareness about their causes. Oftentimes, websites and other promotional materials do not have the visual appeal to attract donors and make an impact.


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What we do

Every good cause needs a champion, a voice, and a visual identity. Every creative seeks to link their work to a purpose and thus make a difference.

For nonprofit organizations

By connecting you with the creatives who are passionate about your mission, we will help you build stunning websites and create appealing and impactful visuals for print and digital marketing materials. It’s your chance to develop world-class advertising that your cause deserves, cost-effectively.

For creatives

By connecting you with the nonprofit organization that needs creative materials to promote their mission, you will not only have an opportunity to showcase your work but also make a difference. It’s your chance to make social change happen all around the world and use your talent to raise awareness about the cause you care about.



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Get in touch

When you are a nonprofit seeking to boost your impact through creative branding strategies and advertising materials, get in touch!

When you are a creative seeking to make social change happen and raise awareness about the cause you care about, get in touch!

If you just wanna say hi, still do get in touch!

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